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We take pride in crafting our own seamless rolled gutters and offer the highest quality gutters in the industry. Each gutter section is measured and rolled using the latest seamless gutter machinery to create that “perfect” custom-fitted look. When properly fitted and installed, your gutter system collects runoff from your roof and channels the water away from the structure, preventing basements from flooding and landscaping from being eroded.

How Gutter Systems Work

Gutters & downspouts are commonly made from vinyl, aluminum or copper and come in several different styles and sizes. We typically suggest 5″ or 6″ seamless K-style aluminum gutters, which our specialists “roll” on-site using our own gutter machines, installing new gutters that are custom-fitted to your unique home.

The size of the gutters and downspouts needed on a home depends on the expected rainfall as well as the pitch and square footage of the roof, although 6″ gutters with “oversized” downspouts have become the preferred look. Each length is pitched so that all water flows into strategically placed downspouts, which channel rain water and snowmelt away from your foundation and landscaping. Properly fitted downspouts prevent excess water from running over your siding and windows, which can reduce their lifespan. Corners are fitted with pre-formed joints, secured with fasteners and sealed with weatherproof caulk to complete this essential drainage system.

Quality Installation of Seamless Gutters by Trusted Professionals

Is your home being damaged by ineffective gutters that leak and affect the foundations? Are your gutters overflowing with twigs, leaves, and other debris? Don’t waste more time and money on maintaining a gutter system that is ineffective. Say goodbye to leaking seams and debris build-up with our seamless gutter systems!

Departing from the jigsaw format of traditional guttering, seamless gutter systems are an innovation that will greatly decrease your worries. Exactly as the name implies, going seamless means that there are no breaks in the gutter. Seamless gutters eliminate the risk of damage brought about by erosion of joint sealants and weak points associated with the traditional gutter system. 

Benefits of Seamless Gutter Systems

At Capital Construction, we provide installation and repair of seamless gutters that will give you benefits such as:

Installed as one solid unit, seamless gutters boast superior stability when mounted. There are no joints that will sag to produce water troughs that lead to flooding and erosion of the fasteners. Our mesh gutter screens also protect the gutter from debris, so you don’t have to climb ladders or pay for constant gutter cleaning. Water draining from the eaves passes through the small openings while bigger debris are kept out of the gutter system, keeping it free of leaves, twigs, and even pests.

In seamless gutters, joints and fasteners are only needed for corners and downspouts. Worn seals and eroded joints will not be a problem because of its streamlined features. Less maintenance is needed and little to no leakage will occur.

Seamless gutters complete the look of the house and gives it a polished façade. You can also choose from a wide variety of materials and over 20 colors so you can match your seamless gutters with the rest of the property.

Installation Process

Premium Copper Finishing

Does your home have an Instagram? With copper gutters, it’ll need one!

If your home’s style demands the utmost in luxury and impeccable curb appeal, copper gutters, flashing, window wrapping and other accents will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

As a premium building material requiring a high degree of craftsmanship and hand-finishing to install, copper gutters & accents are less common than other materials and require the most skillful and experienced installers. Our veteran siding specialists are highly trained and experienced with both designing and installing all kinds of copper finishes, and we’re excited to take on your next building project.


We stand behind our work! Installation of Gutters and/or Downspouts comes with an 18-Month Warranty on Labor and a 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Material.

Completed Jobs

We are proud to provide Roofing, Siding & Gutter services to Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

Our Homeowners Say…

“Dennis and the entire crew over at Capital have been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. From getting someone in for an estimate, to the execution of the work, to the fair and reasonable price, we were extremely pleased with the quality of materials and the quality of work that they did on our home. They were always on time, flexible, and very professional when it came to doing their job. Being that they were so accommodating and communicative, demonstrates their willingness to put their customers first. I would highly recommend Capital Construction & Restoration to anyone who needs any roof, gutter, or siding work on their home!”

Steve H., Wheeling, IL

“I was referred to Dennis at Capital Construction and Restoration by a friend last fall. He was prompt in returning my calls and coming by to give me an estimate on re-roofing our home and garage, as well as getting 5 new skylights, fascia, and gutters. Even though my insurance company was extremely difficult to work with, Dennis and Gloria at CC&R were patient and helpful in walking me through the process. Amazingly, Dennis’ crew finished my entire home and garage (including the installation of 5 skylights) in one day! They came out the following day to do the fascia and gutters. Through the whole project, Dennis was detailed, organized, and concerned about my satisfaction. I recommend him and his crew wholeheartedly!”

Eugenia C., Greater Chicago Area

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